About us

We work to elevate, connect and support LGBTQ+ business leaders and make them more visible.

Elevate, Connect and Support

The challenges faced by our community are:

1) Structural Everything from where we work to how business is done, whether that is locations where it’s illegal to be ourselves, higher standards to achieve the same level as our peers, or just the culturally accepted ‘way of doing things’ that cisgendered straight people take for granted.

2) Invisible There is an absence of stats and data on LGBTQ+ people at work, low visibility of role models and few ‘people like me’. There is a continuous need to ‘come out’ or ‘stay in the closet’. Despite some progress over recent years, homophobia and transphobia are constants and normalised.

3) Experienced D&I initiatives can be too broad, too narrow or simply aimed at corporate benefit without thought to the people or wider societal benefits. There is little opportunity to learn from the experience of others, so LGBT+ people can suffer from lower confidence and higher imposter syndrome than their peers.

We’re passionate about pioneering practical action to enable change, by:

    • Building the confidence of LGBTQ+ leaders & future leaders, by sharing our stories and experiences
    • Improving the visibility of LGBTQ+ people in leadership roles across all sectors
    • Enabling supportive professional relationships between LGBTQ+ leaders 
    • Mobilising allies to amplify our voices
    • Supporting LGBTQ+ leadership career development while bringing their full selves to work
    • Inspiring LGBTQ+ leaders to progress in their careers on their own terms

Our Values

Insightfully ambitious We strive to be the best we can be, mindful that no-one succeeds in isolation; we learn from the experience of others.

Proudly Vocal We unite behind a common cause and celebrate success, using our voice to challenge longstanding problems and inspire change.

Amplifying Inclusion We collaborate with people that share our ambitions - supporting, respecting and valuing each other by working without prejudice