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Free queer co-working meet-up in Manchester

If you want to get some work done with a lovely bunch of LGBTQIA+ folk, then join this queer co-working group.

By Claire Ebrey · December 15, 2022

Queer Hive is a Manchester collective setup to bring together the queer makers, creators and doers of Manchester.

Created by me, Harry Vann (at the front of the photo), what originally started as a group of friends meeting with their laptops is now a 140+ network of remote workers and freelance queers, including:

  • PR professionals
  • Coders
  • TV professionals
  • Writers
  • Administrators
  • HR people
  • Videographers
  • Artists
  • Musicians
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Counsellors
  • People looking for work
  • & more!

How do we meet?

The WhatsApp group allows people to meet organically, when it works for them.

For example, you could message saying ‘I am going to Chapter One Books tomorrow from 10am, anyone else is welcome join!”

Alternatively, you can attend one of our regular meet-ups.

These are at The Proud Trust every other Tuesday and Ducie Street Warehouse every other Friday. With a new regular meet up at Feel Good Club launching next year!

The meet-ups are completely free to attend and you can drop-in whenever you like throughout the opening times.

The Proud Trust and Ducie Street Warehouse have given us our own private space so there is enough quiet for you to knuckle down and be productive, and super speedy wifi if you have any meetings.

One of the main questions we get asked is ‘does anyone actually get any work done or is it just chatting?’. I would say the overwhelming response is people are more productive than if they were just working alone at home. It’s also great to grab lunch with someone or talk through a problem out loud.


The meet-ups are available to anyone that is queer/LGBTQIA+, with people from all different backgrounds, ages, neurodiversities and more! It’s a warm and supportive space.

Both venues have step free access, a lift to all floors and accessible toilets. There are multiple seating options available at both venues, including beanbags and sofas if you want to curl up towards the end of a busy day!


Alongside the meeting for work WhatsApp group, there is also an optional social chat group, perfect if you need a recommendation, want to go to an event or need some support with a project.

It’s been amazing seeing the group grow and the variety of questions and messages go through the chat group. There are new people to the city finding connections and even people studying the same course at university.

The plan is to open a similar group in London in the New year, with the dream being a local group in most big cities so no matter where you go, you can find someone to work with!

Want to join?

For more information on the events, please visit our LinkTree, and if you’re interested in joining the WhatsApp group, you can email or message us on Instagram!


Harry Vann, Queer Hive