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In-Company Masterclass: Overcoming obstacles to career development

Bring our half-day LGBTQ+ focused Masterclass to the queer colleagues in your business, and support them to develop their careers.

By Claire Ebrey · May 15, 2023

Career development: from managing your first team members, to growing whole departments or companies, what’s holding you back?.

Securing the progression opportunities, convincing others that you’re capable, and actually having the confidence to deliver once you’re in post can all be illusive and challenging. And this feeling doesn’t go away, even as we get better and better at what we do.

Navigating this challenge means not just looking out for opportunity, new roles, new potential employers, but it also means looking within.

What are our motivations for progression? What are our personal barriers to turning well laid plans into action?

And how have each of our unique experiences as LGBTQ+ people impacted our self belief, our desire to be seen more widely, our sense that we deserve success, our ability to stride out on our own, our instinct to challenge norms and look at things differently?

Join other LGBTQ+ colleagues in this interactive and tailored half-day masterclass that will cover:

  • Why go for that next step: Why do we want to take that next step? What does success look like to us?
  • Growth starts from within: How to drive personal growth, and how do our experiences as LGBTQ+ people impact our ability to embrace this role of ‘leader’?
  • Drawing together a plan: It’s easy to forget to plan for your future goals or direction when you’re in the day to day of the job. You’ll leave with a clear and realistic action plan for your next steps.
  • Network and peer support: Discussing your plans and challenges in a group will leave you with great contacts and an enhanced network from which to launch.

Tailored specifically to the needs of LGBTQ+ colleagues, this session will:

  • give you the insight, clarity and direction to kick start your personal development plan.
  • expose you to stories of other people who have been successful and failed – and what they’ve learned.
  • help you formulate a clear action plan to take the steps needed.

About Matt

Matt is a serial social entrepreneur, running two growing digital businesses in Manchester: Reason Digital and Impact Reporting, together turning-over around £3million, a team of around 50 staff, and with clients across the UK, Europe the US and Africa.

Matt also sits on the boards of a number of organisations, advising them on digital, business management and growth. These include The Roffey Park Institute, the UK’s LGBTQ+ youth homelessness charity: akt, and The University of Manchester General Assembly.

Matt has been recognised with a number of awards including Digital Entrepreneur of the Year at the Digital Entrepreneur Awards, and Director of the Year (Sustainability and Social Impact) by the Institute of Directors North West. Matt understands the need for organisations to work for the people they serve and that work in them and believes business does best by doing the right thing for service users, staff, society and, crucially, founders and leaders.

In his spare time Matt sings in a choir, enjoys getting out in the great outdoors, and is currently studying towards a Masters degree in Psychotherapy.

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