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In-Company Masterclass: Re-powering your personal & professional narrative – from a queer perspective

Bring our half-day LGBTQ+ focused Masterclass to the queer leaders in your business. Get the tools to frame a new narrative by becoming the protagonist in your business journey.

By Claire Ebrey · February 16, 2023

Every script writer decides on what story they want to tell. They decide whose story commands the narrative, according to how they want the story to be shaped.

Most stories are fictional. The characters created to move an imagined narrative forward.

But what if you are the character and it is your story? How do you then become your own playwright, editing, directing and re-writing your narrative?

By framing new narratives inspired by our LGBT+ lived experience, a more authentic reality can be achieved representing how we move through the world, how we think, plan, act, and find meaning in our achievements and career.

Taking time to stop, step back, observe and participate in re-powering our narratives we can begin to explore the questions.

  • How has our LGBT+ lived experience impacted our ability to take on the role of protagonist and leader in our own story?
  • What roles do we perform, to which audiences?
  • Who’s story have we been telling?
  • How do we re-power our individual and collective narrative?

Join other LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs and leaders in this interactive and tailored half-day masterclass that will cover:

How to bring your whole self into business & leadership on your terms: We will explore how we often lose a sense of self and identity as we perform personal and professional roles in our lives.

Character building, how to truly start with the Why: Guiding you through a simple process of character building and storytelling, exploring the protagonist and antagonist of your own professional journey.

Discovering your voice: By understanding roles as characters in a performance we begin to discover our inner and external voice and with it identity and self.

Re-powering your narrative for greater business success: We will explore how the framing of narrative can free us to shape our story, to move us forward in our business.

Shaping our own reality as a business leader: Applying established tools we can discover how to become our own playwright, editing, directing and producing narrative which reveals more authentic identities and shapes our reality.

Tailored specifically to the needs of LGBTQ+ led businesses, this session will:

  • Build confidence to take the next step in your career,
  • Overcome longstanding barriers to business success.
  • Challenge self-limiting beliefs or self-imposed narratives
  • Equip you with the tools to map out a complete narrative structure and have fun whilst doing it.
  • Apply storytelling to empower your professional and business narrative.

Andrew is a queer script writer, facilitator and informal educator. Andrew learnt his craft facilitating Street Theatre in Northern Peru, leading youth organisations across the north-west of England and more recently as part of the alumni of Studio Salford Write For the Stage.

Andrew brings over 20 years expertise working at executive and leadership level in corporate, non-profit, health and education sectors. He supports individuals, organisations and teams to discover and reshape their stories, fusing organisational leadership development with tools of script writing, dramaturgy and lived experience. The result is truly a unique and transformational experience which unlocks the exceptional potential of individuals, teams and organisations.

“I began my career at 12 years old, helping in the family business.  Each Saturday, I sat on a wooden stool upstairs in the bakery, peeling a sack of onions, potatoes and apples in readiness for the baker to make the most delicious pies. Afterwards, I would head downstairs to join my Dad in our Butchers shop, serving customers and listening to many stories.  I learned storytelling’s power to an organisation and its people, staff, stakeholders, customers, and community in this environment.” 

Andrew’s play Virtue, A multi-layered story told through the lives of four sisters, was recently one of 11 plays out of 380 submissions worldwide to receive official selection status, presented in a new theatre festival in Manchester at Hope Mill Theatre.

If you’re interested in bringing this masterclass to your business, contact