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In-Company Masterclass: Being a better LGBTQ+ leader – how to avoid mediocrity

Bring our half-day LGBTQ+ focused Masterclass to the queer leaders in your business.

By Claire Ebrey · February 16, 2023

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, manager, head of department or board-level Director, your leadership skills are constantly being assessed by those you lead – and nobody wants to be thought of as mediocre.

Our leadership skills have got us to where we are, and now we want to go further. As as LGBTQ+ people we can share similar experiences.

Join fellow LGBTQ+ leaders from across all sectors to:

  • Review and refine your personal leadership skills
  • Discover the business benefits of Authentic and Purposeful leadership
  • Identify mediocre leadership traits and learn how to avoid them
  • Understand what it takes to develop a ‘culture of accountability’

Tailored to your challenges, this half-day Masterclass provides those who lead others with the opportunity to assess themselves, their colleagues, and their teams all within a safe space for conversation. You will have a good ‘look under the bonnets’ of your organisation, and assess how your leadership style and skills can drive success across your entire organisation. And you’ll meet some brilliant LGBTQ+ leaders from across all sectors.

Reasons to bring this In-Company Masterclass to your business:

  • Identify the benefits of Authentic/Purposeful leadership across your organisation
  • Recognise the tell-tale signs of mediocre behaviour becoming acceptable
  • Assess your leadership strengths and your self awareness
  • Develop the tools and techniques to increase accountability across your sphere of influence
  • Define a clear action plan for brilliant leadership development.

Anna’s biography

Anna is a trainer with 20-years’ experience in supporting people to enhance their communications. She’s driven by a desire to share a deeper understanding of who we are; how we think, behave and ultimately communicate, and, what this means in the lives we all lead. Anna supports people within professional services firms to better communicate and deliver to their niche audiences.

Anna lives with her wife Anna (yes, really) and her dog Ralph in Cambridge. She’s a proud LGBTQ+ Trainer with a passion for equality, diversity, and inclusivity. She loves skiing, biking, boot camping, running, and good food paired with better wine.

If you’re interested in bringing this masterclass to your business, contact