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In-Company Masterclass: Power and Politics in business – how LGBTQ+ leaders can increase their impact

Bring our half-day LGBTQ+ focused Masterclass to the queer leaders in your business.

By Claire Ebrey · February 16, 2023

No matter the duration of your career, your industry sector or the size of your organisation – we can all recognise the role of power and politics across the business world. And for LGBTQ+ people there can even more power and politics at play.

Political acumen and the effective use of power are essential skills for organisational success, yet they are often placed in the ‘undiscussable’ folder for many.

The key to improving your power and political success is knowing the answers to these key questions:

  1. What do you play?
  2. How do you play?
  3. What kind of player are you?
  4. Are you playing the right way for our organisation?
  5. Do you play the games, or do they play you?

With a focus on real-world scenarios, and tailored to your experiences, this half-day Masterclass will give you a practical understanding, and applicable strategies to use your personal political and power skills effectively. You will gain an in-depth understanding of how politics and power impact every part of your working life, and feel empowered to increase your impact when politics or power are at play – both inside and outside your organisation.

Reasons to bring this Masterclass in-company to your business:

  1. Increased awareness of your personal political power
  2. Assess the amount of energy you invest in power and politics and the benefits it brings
  3. Analyse effective versus ineffective uses of power
  4. Define the ‘sources of currency’ to be found in you and across your organisation
  5. Identify actions you can take to balance politics and power in the future.
  6. Join other LGBTQ+ leaders, and have open and honest conversations about the challenges faced by our community.

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