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Menopause: the personal & professional impact on the LGBTQ+ community

In support of Menopause Month, we take a look at the menopause and its impact on the LGBTQ+ leadership community, for cis women and trans people with Lisa Wright.

By MattHaworth · October 20, 2022

October is World Menopause Month, an annual campaign to raise awareness. It is an opportunity for people of all genders, businesses and business leaders, press, and media to work together to raise awareness around the realities of this transition and the management options available, while combating global stigma and misinformation.

Our event considers menopause for the LGBTQ+ leadership community, for cis women and trans people, covering:

  • Understanding perimenopause & menopause
    • Age of onset
    • Types
    • Symptoms
  • How will the menopause transition affect me?
    • CIS women
    • Trans community
  • Understanding your partner’s menopause transition
  • Impact of menopause on your business:
    • Employee retention / attrition
    • Steps employers can take to become menopause friendly
    • Why it doesn’t have to be a difficult conversation
  • LGBTQ+ experience of menopause

Introducing Lisa Wright:


Lisa’s previous career was as the MD of a company that collected data on global mergers and acquisitions, patent information, foreign direct investments, and company ownership data on behalf of its global parent company. As a member of the senior management team, she helped the global business navigate four private equity buyouts with a final sale to a US listed financial services company in 2017. Over 19 years she grew the business from 10 to over 150 employees based in both Manchester and Singapore. Through-out her career Lisa has never hidden her sexual orientation and always felt that as an openly gay women in a senior position she could be a role model for younger or more junior LGBTQ+ colleagues.

Lisa left the corporate world in 2019 and since then has completed a Masters in Exercise and Science Nutrition, various nutrition and coaching qualifications and has also obtained relevant training from the International Menopause Society and Newson Health Menopause Society.

As the founder of “Menopause the Wright Way” Lisa has established a business that helps educate and increase understanding of the issues faced across all sections of society due to the menopause.