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Strength in community – Christmas networking and panel discussion

Watch the panel discussion from our Christmas networking event.

By MattHaworth · December 4, 2023

At Christmas we did something a little different, and instead of hearing from one LGBTQ+ leader, we brought together three, with very different backgrounds, to discuss the theme of Strength in our Community.

You can watch it back here:




Alex Whinnom

Alex Whinnom (he/him) was one of the co-leaders of the trans civil rights movement Press for Change. He had a career in housing / homelessness, and then as CEO of GMCVO www.gmcvo.org . He is now semi-retired, working as a choir leader, and still pursuing interests in economic and environmental reform.

Harvey Kennedy-Pitt

Harvey Kennedy-Pitt (he/him) is an internationally educated scientist, educator, lecturer, integrated public health education and promotion practitioner, and academic.

As a public health practitioner, Harvey’s public health interests include addressing health disparities across communities of colour, particularly among those with racially and sexually minoritised identities.

Georgia Williams

 Georgia Williams (they/them) is on our panel to represent the voice of young people. They are an undergraduate student at our host-university, MMU, and currently studying history and politics. Georgia is a genderqueer lesbian who also has multiple disabilities.