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Working with friends and lovers – the secret sauce of self-awareness

Anna Marsden discussed working with her wife, and how psychometric tools helped their ten-year-long business thrive.

By Claire Ebrey · April 25, 2023

Learn how we can build more productive relationships and workplace environments by using social-neuroscience. This session will focus on the benefits of understanding diverse ways of thinking and behaving, understanding self-awareness, and the awareness of others, in order to enhance our communication.

Anna Marsden told us about the story of working with her wife and how psychometric tools shaped their working knowledge of each other and gave insight into how to effectively and compassionately communicate during their decade long business together.

– Understanding diversity of thinking
– Appreciating different behavioural attributes
– Understanding our own preferences
– Understanding the preferences of others
– Building a team with this knowledge
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Anna is a trainer with 20-years’ experience in supporting people to enhance their communications. She’s driven by a desire to share a deeper understanding of who we are; how we think, behave and ultimately communicate, and, what this means in the lives we all lead. Anna supports people within professional services firms to better communicate and deliver to their niche audiences.

Anna lives with her wife Anna (yes, really) and her dog Ralph in Cambridge. She’s a proud LGBTQ+ Trainer with a passion for equality, diversity, and inclusivity. She loves skiing, biking, boot camping, running, and good food paired with better wine.